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Please click on the links on the left to see more details.  We have photographed a selection of our confectionery for your pleasure.  Apologies if some of these products are no longer available.  We are in the process of updating the website.

Boiled Sweets - 

All our boiled sweets are priced per 100g (31/2 oz), many customers will still ask for a Quarter (4oz)! Our stocks vary but we always have over 50 to choose from

Wrapped Sweets - 

Our wrapped sweets cover a broad spectrum of traditional sweets. From Chocolate Limes to Seaside Rock, to Raspberry Ruffles, there is something for everybody!

Suagr Free (No Added Sugar) - 

We stock and extensive range of sugar free toffees, jellies, boiled sweets, liquorice, biscuits and chocolate. All these sweets are suitable for diabetics

Bonbons, Chewy Gums and Jellies -

Both soft chewy and traditional bonbons always in stock.  Wine gums, midget gems, jelly babies and fruit jellies have delighted families for generations

Old Favourites -

There are so many we could have included.  On this page you will find: cables, candy canes, ABC letters, Edinburgh rock, chocolate ginger, crystals, gobstoppers, lollies, mallows and mints to name but a few!

Luxury Sweets -

Our luxury range make fantastic gifts all year.  Choose from marzipan fruits, mint humbugs, gift jars and our own brand range of specialist nougat.

Children's Sweets -

We always stock the popular sweets like bubblegum, popping candy, millions, candy sticks and toxic waste.  Older retro sweets like refreshers, parma violets, sherbet fountains, dipdabs and black jacks are still great sellers

Pick 'n' Mix -

Our most popular range of sweets.  Stored hygienicly behind our glass counter we have over 90 sweets to choose from.  Ready made bags in sizes from 150g to 500g are always in stock

American Candy -

Our selection improves all the time as customers ask for the treats they found on holiday in the USA.  Hershey bars, M&M's, pop tarts, vanilla fluff, cookie dough bites, lucky charms and jollyy ranchers are always popular.  There is also a wide range of Wonka and Reese's products 

Liquorice -

If you have never tried our top quality continental liquorices, ask for a sample - you will be impressed by the diversity of textures and flavours.  Traditional liquorices such as allsorts, catherine wheels, comfits and pontefract cakes are as popular as ever

Chocolates and Truffles -

A highlight of the shop is our range of over 50 Mr Simms branded chocolate bars.  Creative flavours like Strawberry and Champagne or Bannoffe Caramel are here to tempt you.   On the counter are chocolate covered foam bananas and mallows that are hard to resist.  Our delicious truffles are sold by weight or ready boxed, a perfect present.

Fudges and Toffees -

Another highlight is our own brand traditional and smooth fudge, made to the highest standards by Daniel Quiggins in the Lake District. There are 30 flavours to try but clotted cream, vanilla, caramel and butter tablet remain the favourites.  We also bag fudge from other suppliers that have favourite flavours like Daim Bar and Dr Pepper.

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