We make all of the hampers at our shop.  Providing we can fit the sweets in the hamper the design is up to you.


Every hamper is different.  Shown below is a typical Retro hamper, two Christmas  hampers full of lovely treats and a specialist Liquorice hamper.



Full of all your childhood favourite sweets.


Includes; Fizz Wizz, Love Hearts, Refreshers, Dib Dabs, Highland chew bar, Refresher chew bar, Candy whistle, Candy sticks, Candy necklace, Giant fizzers, Gummy burger, Atomic fireblast, Sherbet fountain, Mega Lolly, Vimto lolly, Traffic light lolly, Double lolly.



Full of Christmas treats.


Includes; Mr Simms clotted cream fudge, Marzipan fruits, Nougat with coffee, Nougat with tropical fruit, Mango chocolate log, Raspberry chocolate log, Chocolate champagne bottle, Net of Christmas chocolate balls, Gourmet lollies.



Traditional Christmas selection.


Includes; Farrahs clotted cream fudge, Mr Simms champagne & raspberry truffles, Mr Simms handmade clotted cream fudge, Mr Simms strawberry & champagne chocolate, Net of gold coins, Net of silver coins, Strawberry candy canes, Marzipan bar, Gourmet lollies, Sherbet lollies, Jelly Belly beans.



A selection of specialist liquorice.


Includes; Chocolate liquorice rolls, Honey liquorice, Strawberry lances, Liquorice wands ,Liquorice comfits, Liquorice jellies, Strawberry & liquorice coins, Zouts, Liquorice coins, Caramel liquorice rolls.

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